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9/9/14 Dream. “Telepathic advertising.”

(Just a snippet from last night.  Right before having this dream I was thinking about an employee I saw that day in Home Depot that absolutely reeked of sleaze.)

I’m walking through a warehouse store that looks a lot like Costco, and at the ends of nearly every aisle there are people sitting, trying to sell more products.

But instead of just free sample stations and product demonstration stations, there’s an added element to get consumers to buy more.  All of the salespeople are telepathically broadcasting.

Every one of them seems to love their product to the point of having absolute faith in them.  Some of them aren’t even trying very hard to sell things at all.  I see one man sitting in his chair, in front of his display, just as relaxed as can be.  But he’s absolutely broadcasting, “You want to buy this product!  This is a great product!  You want this!”

It’s not even necessarily verbal, you just walk buy these people and suddenly feel compelled to buy this thing you didn’t even know about two minutes ago.  Suddenly you feel like it’s a great idea, and wonder why you’ve never gotten one before.

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As much has I dislike the Coca Cola company, this made me smile.

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What a beautiful soul.

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mindxscape answered: I’d be really upset, honestly. I’m not sure what that was about. Did he feel familiar? Are you concerned about something at work?

No, he just reminded me of the very few people like that I’ve had the pleasure of working on, albeit a lot pushier.

There was actually a small sense of satisfaction in that one.  Unlike in past situations, I knew how to assert myself, and I took no shit from him.  Felt nice stand up for myself.

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@taracrow answered: What is the scene change if I may ask, please? Thank you.

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I didn’t include it because it was very vague.  But it changed into me playing a character in a game where practically an army, complete with artillery and missiles, was chasing me, and I had to not get hit by any of them.  I was able to avoid them for a surprisingly long time, but I don’t remember what happened after.  There was stuff that happened before that too, but it’s too fuzzy.